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Renee Christiansen

A BIG thank you to Billy Lowery for making this happen!My granny lost her wedding ring a few years ago.She told me about two weeks ago she really wanted a ring to wear, (she said just get me one at Walmart or something) lol. So I left thinking what can I do with the diamond necklace that my Papa (who passed away two years ago) had bought her years ago. I went home got the diamond necklace took it to Lowery’s that day, ask Billy if he could make her a ring before Christmas he said absolutely. He was able to make it all happen not only before Christmas, but for what would have been their 66th anniversary today December 19th. We gave it to her tonight. She loved it!! Thanks again Billy for making this priceless, special moment!!
    Lindsey Anderson

    Billy and Sharon are amazing! They went above and beyond our expectation for my husband
      Billy and Sharon